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Final Score: Grizzlies 102, Blazers 97

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In a game that saw Mike Conley get a season-high 15 assists, and saw Zach Randolph come back from an ankle sprain to score 19 points and secure 10 rebounds in only 28 minutes, the biggest factor may have been sheer defensive effort. The Grizzlies were the masters of chaos tonight, swarming the ball and containing LaMarcus Aldridge to the extent possible.

Final - 3.12.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Memphis Grizzlies 21 27 20 34 102
Portland Trail Blazers 21 19 18 39 97

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Tonight was the first game of a brutal four-game-in-five-night stretch that sees the Griz take on the Clippers tomorrow night in LA, the Nuggets in Denver, and the Jazz in Utah.

A "real" recap is coming in the morning. There were a lot of interesting things happening in this game (Ed Davis, for one) that I'd like to spend more time on.

For now, a victory haiku:

Four games in five nights

Portland fell, but they fought hard

For now, the team rests.