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Mike Prada: Marc Gasol 'should win the Defensive Player of the Year' award

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Over at SB Nation main, Mike Prada has you covered with the best piece of basketball writing you'll read all day.

In his game breakdown piece, Prada took a in-depth look at Wednesday's Clippers-Grizzlies game, focusing mainly on Marc Gasol and his defensive efforts; mostly, his play off-the-ball.

His conclusion was, well, this: Marc Gasol should win the Defensive Player of the Year award.

A pretty strong statement, but thankfully, for Prada's sake, he has the pictures to back up his claim.

Prada writes:

(I)n today's game, lots of centers can stay with quick point guards for one possession when needed. What sets Gasol apart? He combines that natural ability with superior positioning and fantastic play recognition.

It's true that while most people credit Gasol for his on-ball effort, citing his size and ability to disrupt shots in the paint, what he doesn't get enough credit for is his "play recognition"; his smarts.

This piece by Prada is a must-read, especially for Grizzlies fans who already have great "Gasol recognition." It really depicts how skilled Marc is on the defensive side of the ball -- even when the numbers don't show it in the morning box scores.