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March Madness, Grizzly Style

We figured we had to do something bracket-related, so here it is: the top 16 moments in (recent) Grizzlies history.


In the loving spirit of March Madness, we at GBB have decided to participate in the festivities by presenting you all with a Memphis Grizzlies related bracket.

We threw around several topics, Worst Grizzlies of All-Time, Most Hated Grizz, Top 16 White Guys to Play for Memphis, Best Hair, 16 Guys You Forgot Played for Memphis and Top 16 Bench Warmers, but in the end we decided to keep it positive and something we thought all Grizz fans could easily participate in.

With that said, we will be ranking the Top 16 Awesome Moments in Memphis Grizzlies history. And instead of picking the 16 moments we've decided to let you all speak your voice and select some of your favorite moments you've seen from the this group. To make things easier, instead of doing the entire franchises history we've decided that the moments should begin from the moment Pau Gasol was traded (oh the irony!) until now.

Don't be shy with your suggestions. The best 16 memories selected will be put into bracket form and available for voting immediately after we order the items.

So have fun. This should be exciting because just thinking of some of the more amazing moments (Darrell Arthur's dunk against OKC, Tony Allen first down signal's, etc) already have me on edge!