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Final Score: Grizzlies 103, Rockets 94: Failure to Launch

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The Griz took down the Rockets at FedExForum tonight in a game where Houston never led.

Lionel Hollins to Kevin McHale: "U Mad, Bro?"
Lionel Hollins to Kevin McHale: "U Mad, Bro?"

First things first: totally forgot to trigger a Game Thread. Sorry about that.

Second things second: I was at the game tonight with Bron, Doug, and Fiona, Griz fans from the UK who are on a five-game Grizzlies road trip through the States. They were at the Wizards game in D.C., the Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, and the Grindhouse for tonight's beatdown of the Rockets, and they're catching two more games before they head back. More on that trip later.

Third things third: Zach Randolph is still alive! Big fella returned to proper Z-Bo form tonight with 21 and 12, and some well-timed assists, to boot. Marc Gasol had the same number of points, and Jerryd Bayless had 14 points on 6-11 shooting. And that James Harden guy? Tony Allen done turned his water off. Harden went 3-9 from the field for 7 points and went to the charity stripe exactly zero times.

Yep. It was a good game. The Grindhouse was rocking, and the Grizzlies played Memphis basketball from start to finish. Tomorrow night they take on the Timberwolves (who just beat the Thunder) in Minnesota.

Sorry 'bout that Game Thread, y'all. I'm getting forgetful in my old age. Let's see the winning haiku!