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Grizzlies sign Keyon Dooling, According to Keyon Dooling


Here's the tweet:

The Grizzlies were first reported to have expressed interest in Dooling last week, but nothing was ever confirmed. The signing has still not been announced or confirmed by the Grizzlies, but Dooling is (obviously) reporting it himself.

I'm not sure whether Dooling would be the 19th or 20th backup point guard of the Lionel Hollins era, but however many this is, it's a lot. Dooling takes the place of Gilbert Arenas, who took the place of Jeremy Pargo and Josh Selby, who took the place of Greivis Vasquez, who took the place of Jamaal Tinley and God knows who else.

At this point, I'm not sure a backup point guard is really the answer to the Grizzlies' problems. I would rather have seen them sign a poor man's poor man's Shane Battier.

But they didn't ask me.