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Weekly Bathroom Reads: Best Grizzlies and NBA Pieces of The Week

Have you missed a lot of Grizzlies and NBA news over the last week? Don't worry! We've got you covered!


Welcome, boys and girls, back to the second edition of This Week in Links! Are you out of things to read on your smartphone during your bathroom breaks at work? Not anymore! Your weekly bathroom reader is here. Let's jump right in.

Grizzlies Links

Zach Lowe and Bill Simmons - Grantland: The B.S. Report: Simmons had Lowe on his wildly popular podcast on April 8th to talk playoffs, coach of the year, and other things related to the NBA. Being a playoff team, the Grizzlies naturally came up in the conversation. At the 2:34 minute mark, the coach of the year discussion begins. The two discuss the legitimacy of Lionel Hollins as a coach of the year candidate from the 4:02 mark to 5:06. The Grizzlies enter the conversation again when the two discuss playoff teams. High praise for the Grizzlies is sung from 26:45-28:00. Check out how far Lowe and Simmons believe the Grizzlies could go. (SPOILER ALERT: The answer will make you proud.) The link above is not a direct one to the podcast. Rather, it leads to Grantland's main podcast page. If you are interested in listening to the full Simmons/Lowe segment, just click the link, scroll down to the B.S. Report on April 8th, and click. Voilá! The whole podcast is worth a listen, but I highly recommend at least listening to the Grizzlies' segments.

Trevor Kearney - HOOP Magazine: Tony Allen Profiled: Allen, as we all know, is essential to the Grizzlies' success. This article profiles him and discusses in depth just how important he is to this Memphis team. There is not a better profile out there on the Grindfather. Tony Allen and the city of Memphis were meant for each other. Unfortunately, there is not a direct link to the Tony Allen article. Rather, click the link above and keep clicking to the right until you get to page 60 of the magazine. The piece runs from pages 60-67. When you reach the article, just click to zoom in. If you are interested in a hard copy, I know Barnes & Noble carries the magazine and the current issue is on shelves.

Peter Edmiston - Commercial Appeal (Infographics): Mike Conley's Transformation: This is a quick look at how Conley's game has changed on the offensive end of the floor over the last three seasons. Conley's points production, where his offense comes from, and his shooting percentages are all shown in chart or bar graph form. Fascinating stuff!

Rob Mahoney - The Fundamentals: While this article is not primarily about the Grizzlies, Mahoney has an interesting section that discusses who he thinks is the best-passing big man in the NBA. While I disagree with one or two of the candidates, it is an interesting discussion nevertheless. Scroll down to the section that says 2. Generosity among NBA bigs to read about it. The whole article is worth a read though.

Marc Stein - Coaching Carousel- Contract extension for Hollins on The Horizon?: Stein examines the situation of every coach in the NBA as the season winds down, and luckily for Grizzlies fans, he hints that a Hollins contract extension is very likely in the near future.

Michael Sheffield - Memphis Business Journal: Free Beer Courtesy of The Memphis Grizzlies and A.S. Barboro: FREE BEER! What else needs to be said? The Memphis Grizzlies are partnering with A.S. Barboro, the Memphis distributor for MillerCoors, to distribute 300 free beers in the plaza area in front of FedEx Forum at 11 A.M. on April 15th to help alleviate some of the stress on the day taxes are due. How brilliant is that? Additionally, the cans are going to be a limited edition with the Grizzlies logo on the can. So, if you're into collecting that type of thing, head on over there on the 15th!

NBA Links

Adrian Wojnarowski - Yahoo! Sports: Jay-Z Selling Brooklyn Nets Ownership Stake: Jay-Z is making a power move to get into the player agent business by attempting to sell his stake in the Nets to make sure there is no conflict of interest. I don't know why any athlete would want Jay-Z to handle their money or negotiate their contract, but I'm certain there will be plenty.

Zach Lowe - Grantland: New Defensive Strategies Forcing NBA Offenses to Evolve: This is my obligatory weekly piece from Zach Lowe. Lowe discusses how offenses are evolving to attempt to stay a step ahead of new defensive strategies. Lowe writes how a bland defense is nearly guaranteed to fail in today's NBA. Also, check out his weekly ten things he likes and doesn't like in the article. Good stuff.

Kirk Goldsberry - Grantland: Explaining John Wall's Explosion This Season: I have long said that when John Wall develops his midrange game, he will be the stud we all thought he would be. Guess what? He's done exactly that. Goldsberry breaks Wall's game down, and uses graphics to display just how much John Wall has developed this year.

Jonathan Givony - DraftExpress: Who is Entering The NBA Draft?: If you're a draftnik like me, you're always interested in which college prospects are entering the draft and which ones are staying in school. DraftExpress has you covered. The list is updated every time a prospect decides one way or the other so you will always be up to date.

Charlie Rose - CBS' 60 Minutes: Reliving Linsanity and Battling Stereotypes: The title speaks for itself. Lin is a humble guy from humble beginnings, and it is interesting to hear his point of view about how it has been for him to play in the NBA as an Asian-American.

Tom Ziller - SBNation: Do Assists Matter?: Ziller has an excellent breakdown of the data behind assists. Do they actually correlate to offensive efficiency? Which teams are the most assist-heavy? Ziller answers these questions and more.

Bruce Weber - The New York Times: Marty Blake, Legendary NBA Scout, Dies at 86: Blake was one of the first men to make scouting a prominent part of the game of basketball. Weber writes about Blake's impact on the game and the legacy he left behind.


Timothy Burke - Deadspin: Dumb Shining Moment: It has nothing to do with the NBA, but it is funny and does have to do with basketball. This is a spinoff of the NCAA's One Shining Moment. It basically covers all the funniest, most embarrassing moments from the tournament in one video. Did I mention it is funny?

Melissa McCarthy - NBC's Saturday Night Live: Mike Rice Spoof: Once again, the video is not related to the NBA, but it covers one of the biggest stories in the game of basketball over the past week. McCarthy plays Head Coach Sheila Kelly in a video that lampoons ex-Rutgers Head Coach Mike Rice. (WARNING: The video uses strong language!) I obviously do not condone Rice's actions at Rutgers. However, this video is hilarious.