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Herrington: ‘Should and Will Lionel Hollins be Back Next Season?’


The Memphis Flyer‘s Chris Herrington has written a great piece about Lionel Hollins — who, as we’ve discussed here before, is in the last year of his current contract — and whether or not the Grizzlies’ head coach will be back next season, and whether or not he should be back.

From the piece:

It’s a damn good resume. So why wouldn’t Hollins be back? I think he will be. But thinking someone is a good coach doesn’t mean thinking they’re flawless. And it doesn’t mean overlooking potential hurdles that derive from issues generally unrelated tocoaching quality. Here are four things to consider:

I’m not going to copy-and-paste the four things here. You need to clear a little chunk of time and go read the piece for yourself.

Herrington, as ever, has a very nuanced, clear-eyed take on a situation about which other media outlets have not proven themselves be so neutral[1].

  1. Yes, I’m including myself in that category, having said already a couple weeks ago that the Grizzlies should just shut up and re-sign Hollins already. However: if they don’t, it will be because of the reasons Herrington lays out in this piece.