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Final Score: Clippers 91, Grizzlies 87


I hate everything. I'm not ready to talk about this one yet. We'll have a full recap up soon.

The Grizzlies lost tonight because they could not do a single thing correctly in the fourth quarter. After three, the Grizzlies led by 5, but then they managed to only score 14 points in the fourth, and it wasn't because the Clippers were playing brilliant defense, either: the Grizzlies got outhustled and out-executed.

So now, these two teams are probably going to play each other in the playoffs again, and it's going to be every bit as miserable and infuriating as it was last year, and I'm going to go light myself on fire now so I don't have to watch it.

Like I said, recap soon.

Here's your box score:

Final - 4.13.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Los Angeles Clippers 24 27 17 23 91
Memphis Grizzlies 23 28 22 14 87

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