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Grind Prophecies: To Surge Or To Rest?

As the end of the season approaches and the "real" season, according to Zach Randolph, starts to shape up, should the Grizzlies rest some starters or play through the uncertainty of the last two games?

"Can I be the Grindmaster?"
"Can I be the Grindmaster?"

The Grizzlies are in fifth place outright and are now on the outside looking in on home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. I hate to say I told you so, but I definitely got you guys geared up for this apparent reality. Even though a Memphis is currently tied with the Clippers, winning out and a loss by the LA would put the Grizz right back in the driver's seat. Counting on a Clippers loss seems far-fetched though as their last two opponents are at home to the Trail Blazers and on the road in Sacramento. Winning the last two is no small task either as tonight we see a Dallas Mavericks team who has yet to give up, despite being mathematically eliminated from contention, and a Utah Jazz team who still has a fighting chance against the Los Angeles David Sterns Lakers.

I personally would be in favor of Lionel Hollins accepting the 5-seed and giving his key players a rest. Home court advantage, at this point, seems ambiguous. Both the Clippers and the Grizzlies have beat each other on the road and last year's series was not effected by home court.

I am not suggesting a "Popovich," but I do think playing Conley, Gasol and Randolph anywhere near 35 minutes would be ridiculous. If it turns out that we have no chance at home court against the Jazz, I would even love to see Tony Wroten get the start with some of the normal starters. In a game with nothing to lose and a chance to help the Jazz, what a fun experiment to see if Wroten has progressed at all in the small minutes he has received. I set up a poll to see what you guys think. Should they get rest or should the Grizz surge on to try to get home court?

Marc Gasol and the Grizzlies may be two games closer to starting the playoffs on the road, but, on the bright side, we are two games away from giving our second Grind Prophecies prize, a wonderful Mike Conley jersey. Right now, Kwhittington is the clear front runner with an astounding 20 total points in this shortened month but there are several competitors who have a shot to overtake in the last two games. As Jenna Maroney famously said, "Don't give up; don't ever give up."

Here are today's prophecies and a poll. Huzzah!

  1. Game Score and Winner (correct predictions receive 3 points, if no correct predictions, 1 point awarded to member(s) with closest differential)
  2. The Grindmaster (3 points awarded to correct predictions; if Grindmaster title is split between 2 players, 2 points go to each member who predicted either player)
  3. Total Minutes Combined for Marc Gasol and Mike Conley (3 points awarded to correct predictions; if no correct answers, 1 point awarded to member(s)who are closest without going over)
  4. User's Pick

Grind Prophecies April 2013 Official Rules

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