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Game Preview: Grizzlies vs. Jazz

The Grizzlies are still in a dog fight to obtain home court advantage on the last day of the regular season. If they want to keep that hope alive, they must win at home tonight against the Utah Jazz.


This is where it started and this is where it will end. The Grizzlies first home game of the year was against the Utah Jazz, and tonight, the final game of the regular season will be fittingly played in the Grindhouse against the Jazz. I don't know about you guys, but it is pretty hard for me to get amped up for a game that is not likely to affect the Grizzlies seeding for better or worse. However, the game is on ESPN, and, in the words of legendary Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden, I'm so "dadgum" excited about it! Hey Bobby, the '90s called. They want their saying back. Anyways, it's always nice when the Grizzlies are on national television. Not that the Grizzlies do not get any national exposure (I believe the Grizzlies have had more articles written about them this year by national media than in any other year of the franchise's existence), but rather that everyone on twitter will be talking about the game, and I love me some twitter.

If you're still not excited about the game, maybe a Quincy Pondexter "Ho Hey" mashup by Jason Gallagher of could help. In a recent Dime Magazine article, Pondexter revealed that he listens to the song by The Lumineers on repeat to pump him up for every game. If you've heard the song, it's not exactly pump up music, but there's that. Then this mashup happened, and now we all have to live with it.

The Grizzlies are 2-1 against the Jazz on the season, with the one loss coming in the last meeting between the two teams. The Grizzlies two wins came before the Rudy Gay trade. (I can't tell you how glad I will be when this season is over and I can stop referring to things in pre and post Rudy context.) The remodeled Grizzlies lost the one meeting with the Jazz after the trade deadline 90-84. At the time it seemed like a bad loss, but the Grizzlies have never played particularly well in Salt Lake City.

Brace yourselves because tonight's game is not likely to be the most aesthetically pleasing basketball game. The Jazz are scrapping and clawing to try to get into the playoffs on the last day of the regular season, and unless the Clippers botch what should be an easy game against the Sacramento Kings, then the Grizzlies have absolutely nothing to play for. After watching Lionel Hollins give his bench the majority of minutes in Monday night's game against the Mavericks, it seems that he has basically given up hope for obtaining home court advantage and mailed it in until the playoffs begin. Look to see Austin Daye and Keyon Dooling get way more playing time than any sane Grizzlies fan wants.

Game Notes

  • Zach Randolph has had three monster games against the Jazz this season. Maybe he should play big minutes tonight to get his confidence up and his mojo going again right before the playoffs start? I'm only semi-kidding.
Zach Randolph Points Rebounds
Vs Jazz (Nov. 5) 16 18
At Jazz (Dec. 15) 25 16
At Jazz (Mar. 16) 19 9

  • Z-Bo has the most career points, 598, against the Utah Jazz of any current Grizzlies player.
  • The Grizzlies are a mediocre 5-5 in the last ten games against the Jazz at the FedEx Forum

Be sure to answer the only question that really matters about tonight's game in the poll below. See you all in the GameThread tonight!