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TrueHoop’s Kevin Arnovitz on the Grizzlies’ ‘Killer Lineup’

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Over on ESPN’s TrueHoop blog, Kevin Arnovitz has written a killer analysis of what makes the Grizzlies’ system tick. It’s a great, detailed breakdown of exactly how the Grizzlies’ defense works, and an analysis of how things (mostly) work on offense.

From the article:

We traditionally begin Killer Lineup with the offensive analysis, but when the Memphis Grizzlies are the subject, that’s burying the lead. Memphis’ defense ranks second in the league behind Indiana (and plays in the Western Conference, home to 11 of the 15 most efficient offenses) and has set the standard of consistency in the West over the past few seasons.

That’s impressive when you consider the slow-footed Zach Randolph is the primary big defender in the pick-and-roll, Mike Conley is a Lilliputian and Tayshaun Prince is slight of frame and relatively new to the Grizzlies’ system. But the system in Memphis is now so refined, so precise in its mission, that the personnel is almost secondary to its overarching principles.

It’s a great read, and a great look at what makes the Grizzlies’ defense — especially since the addition of Tayshaun Prince to the roster after the Rudy Gay trade — so fearsome.