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Game 1 Final Score: Clippers 112, Grizzlies 91

Harry How

That was horrible in every possible way. Mike Conley played like garbage. The Grizzlies got out-rebounded 47 to 23. Everything about this game was terrible, horrible, and made me never want to watch another second of basketball. I even got called an idiot on Twitter for saying I didn't want to watch it anymore.

In a replay of everything that makes playing the Clippers frustrating, nothing worked for the Grizzlies tonight. The Clippers disrupted and broke down every single aspect of the Grizzlies' game that makes Memphis a dangerous team. To top it off, we saw some of the strangest lineups I can remember taking the floor in the fourth quarter. I like Keyon Dooling and I think he's a good player, but there's simply no way he should be getting more minutes than Tony Allen in a playoff game.


Humiliating is right. Let's see those haikus. Hopefully seeing the score get run up on them lit a fire under the Grizzlies and they'll come out and take Game 2. But whatever the game plan was tonight, it needs to be put in a bucket and burned, 'cause it ain't working.

Full recap in the morning. I'm gonna go take some ibuprofen.