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NBA Playoffs, Game 2 Final Score: Clippers 93, Grizzlies 91

Well, that was more like it, but it still sucked. The Grizzlies lost a nail-biter to the Clippers on a gamewinner by Chris Paul.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

I still have no idea what some of those rotations were about, and the free throw shooting has to get better, but that was a much better game out of the Grizzlies than Game 1.

Maybe the crappiest thing that happened tonight was in the third quarter, when Blake Griffin and Zach Randolph got tangled up running the lane and Randolph appeared to tweak the ankle he injured against the Heat that kept him out for two weeks. He didn't move well the rest of the game, and after he picked up his fifth foul on a really questionable call, coach Lionel Hollins sat him for the final minutes. I bet he wasn't happy about that.

All in all, the Grizzlies went down fighting tonight. Mike Conley had a career playoff high 28 points, and Tony Allen put up a double double with 16 points on 9 shots and 10 rebounds. (Thought y'all said he was bad on offense?)

Here's the box score. I'm going to bed. Recap coming in the morning.

Final - 4.22.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Memphis Grizzlies 26 18 27 20 91
Los Angeles Clippers 26 24 25 18 93

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