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Weekly Bathroom Reads

Basketball Overload: Links! Links! Links!


Welcome, ladies and gents, to the fourth edition of This Week in Links. Call me a hippy, but why buy up newspapers and magazines when you could save trees and have all the basketball reading you could possibly want at your fingertips?

Grizzlies Links

With the Grizzlies down 2-0 against the Clippers, there really was not too many happy articles out there about the Grizzlies, so I decided to focus the Grizzlies links mostly around the happy news of the week, which is Marc Gasol winning Defensive Player of The Year. Way to go BigSpain! To precede the Grizzlies links, in regards to Kendrick Perkins throwing a temper tantrum about Gasol winning DPOY I would like to say three words... You mad bro?

Sunny Saini - Gasol Earns DPOY Award: Saini pulls the best Gasol stats of the season from ESPN Stats & Info. Some of the stats are truly amazing.

From the article:

Since 1996-97, Gasol is tied for the fourth-highest defensive efficiency among Defensive Player of the Year award winners.

Kelly Dwyer- Yahoo! Sports Ball Don't Lie: Marc Gasol Wins Defensive Player of The Year: Excellent writeup on why although the Grizzlies center deserved the award, groupthink plays a huge role amongst media members when it comes to award voting.

Chris Herrington- Memphis Flyer: Gasol- League Pass DPOY: Herrington discusses how a player with such an atypical profile for the DPOY award took it home. Excellent nuggets in here from Memphis' own.

Ian Levy- Hickory-High: Clippers Exploit Grizzlies on Offensive Glass: Levy does a superb video breakdown of the Grizzlies defensive lapses leading to the Clippers dominating the Grizzlies on the offensive glass thus far. It is making me mad just thinking about it.

Geoff Calkins- The Commercial Appeal: Symbolism of Grizzlies Growl Towels: While I was unable to read the full article because of, you know, the stupid commercial appeal pay wall, I'm sure the article is an excellent read if you are a CA print or digital subscriber.

Jason Rowan- Grizzlies sign outside of Memphis business: Just click to see the picture. It will be worth it.

NBA Links

Jonathan Abrams- Grantland: Monta Ellis Is Probably Shooting Right Now: Grantland has a stable of superb basketball writers, Abrams included. Ellis walks a fine line between a chucker and a great scorer. Abrams debates whether he can be both.

Jordan White- Hardwood Paroxysm: NBA HAIKUS: Knowing that there are many avid haiku writers on Grizzly Bear Blues, I thought linking this article was only appropriate.

My personal favorite haiku from White:

Will Andre Miller

Have another old man game

Or will he take a nap

Ricky O'Donnell- SB Nation: The Derrick Rose Situation: Derrick Rose is sitting out of the playoffs when he probably could be getting a go, and O'Donnell says the situation has reached its breaking point. I think he's right. Imagine if the Bulls make the second round of the playoffs and Rose still sits out. That will alienate a lot of Bulls fans.

Bill Champion- SB Nation's Welcome To Loud City: Alternate Thunder Sports Illustrated Covers: SI's Lee Jenkins had an incredible profile of Kevin Durant in this week's magazine, but that wasn't even the best thing to come from the article. The spoof SI covers have been incredible. Champion's alternate covers are laugh out loud funny.

Jason Gallagher- ballerball: Luigi is tired of being second: Another spoof on the Kevin Durant cover, this time featuring Luigi of the Nintendo World.

David Astramskas- J.R. Smith Yearbook Quote: Wow. That is all.

Adrian Wojnarowski- Yahoo! Sports: LeBron will not return to Cleveland: Wojnarowski is the king of NBA breaking news. Also, he is now the king of breaking Cavaliers fans hearts, right behind LeBron of course. Woj tells Cavs fans to give it up. He has a point.

Kent Babb- The Washington Post: Allen Iverson struggles with life after basketball: This. is. awesome. Iverson is one of the most polarizing figures in NBA history, and whether you like him or not, Babb's piece will surely evoke emotion.