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NBA Playoffs, Game 2 Final Score: Grizzlies 104, Clippers 83

Woooooo! Finally, an easy win for the Grizzlies. Series tied 2-2! Time to celebrate Memphis!


My first half notes:


TNT Sucks


TNT Sucks


Thanks for nothing TNT

Due to lack of first half viewing because of the first game on TNT, this is very much going to be a "box score" type post. has the same attendance, 18,119, listed for both Game 3 and Game 4 so I'm completely discounting that. What I would like to know from people that were there: Was it more full than Game 3? Louder? It certainly looks more full and louder on TV.

This was the game of the twin towers, vintage Grizzlies style. Marc Gasol finished with 24 points and 12 rebounds. Zach Randolph finished with 24 points and 9 rebounds.

Also of note from Game 4, Quincy Pondexter is now taken officially carrying the Grizzlies bench in terms of scoring production. Good for Q-Pon after missing more than 20 games this season and somewhat struggling since he sustained his knee injury.

All five Grizzlies starters had double digit points. The one thing the Clippers did have going for them, as usual, was bench domination. Thee Clips bench outscored the Grizz bench 43-16. Ugh. Luckily for the Grizzlies, starters not named Chris Paul or Blake Griffin had an awful game and contributed almost nothing in the scoring department.

This game is exactly what the Grizzlies needed, which is an easy win. Now it's time to gear up for Game 4 in Los Angeles on Tuesday night at 10:30 EST / 9:30 CST.

Final - 4.27.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Los Angeles Clippers 25 22 20 16 83
Memphis Grizzlies 33 13 25 33 104

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