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Game 4 Final Score: Los Angeles Clippers 83, Memphis Grizzlies 104

Big big night in the Grindhouse for Game 4 to tie the series 2-2

It was a bit tough not being able to watch the game when the Nets/Bulls game went into triple overtime (yes, triple), but there was a pleasant surprise awaiting me when TNT flipped over to the Grizz game.

Grizzlies had a 4 point lead hanging in the fourth quarter, then outscored the Clippers 33-16 to finish up with a big, much needed win. Things are looking much sweeter for the Grizz.

The Forum was an absolute madhouse - there were reports from the floor reporting the players had difficulty hearing the referee's whistle at times.

The series is all tied up, boys. In the words of Lionel Hollins, "Keep scrappin."

For now, lets enjoy this one. There's a more detailed recap coming tonight.