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NBA Playoffs: First Round Game 5, Grizzlies @ Clippers GameThread

Can the Grizzlies continue their Clipper domination from Games 3 and 4 when they head west to clash with the Clippers in Game 5? We'll find out soon enough.


After a strong showing in Memphis, the Grizzlies head west again with the series tied 2-2. With this now essentially being a three game series, game 5 is a pivotal game. Win game five and the Grizzlies chances of advancing to the Western Conference Semifinals increases exponentially. Lose and it's hard to imagine the Grizzlies beating the Clippers two times in a row with Game 7 being in Los Angeles. It's not impossible, just difficult. So naturally tonight is a huge game.

While it seems like the Grizzlies have worked out a lot of the kinks from Games 1 and 2, there are still lots of questions to be answered. Can the Grizzlies continue their second chance domination, (outscored the Clippers 44-6 on second chance points in Games 3 and 4) or will the Clippers dominate that aspect of the game again like they did in Games 1 and 2? Will Chris Paul continue to play so poorly, and can a combo of Allen, Conley, and Pondexter continue to stymie him? Will Lionel Hollins continue to make shrewd adjustments like in Game 4 when he chose to leave Gasol in to start the fourth quarter rather than let him rest like usual?

The last, and most important question, is will Marc Gasol do this again tonight after a big bucket?

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Let's talk it out! Go Grizz!