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This Week In Links

This Week In Links is a new weekly piece that will feature some of the best pieces from the previous week on the Grizzlies and from around the NBA.


Welcome all to the first edition of this week in links! Some, most, okay all of you are probably wondering what this new weekly feature is all about. Allow me to answer all your questions. Basically, with the digital age we live in it easy to fall behind in the news and miss some excellent pieces about the game we all love so much. In each week's edition, there will be a section covering Grizzlies links and a section covering NBA links from the previous week. Consider it a "best of" kind of piece that features some of the best pieces written about the Grizzlies and the NBA in general from the previous week. But, that is enough rambling for me. So without further ado, and as Rihanna famously said, "let's link to that", or something like that..

Grizzlies Links

Zach Lowe - Grantland: Q&A with Lionel Hollins: Zach Lowe is one of the best in the business, folks. Everything he writes is golden, so expect to see a piece or two from him in almost every weekly edition of links. This is one of the most in depth Q&As anybody has done with Hollins since he has been the Grizzlies coach. The Coach of The Year Candidate discusses Rudy Gay, the art of floor spacing, and much more all while managing to sound generally disgruntled during the whole interview in typical Hollins' fashion.

Kyle Soppe - Hickory-High: Weekly Stats Recap: Whether you are a fan of advanced statistics and other uses of mathematics in basketball or not, you should check out the stuff Founder Ian Levy and his staff have going on over at Hickory-High. They do some awesome breakdowns with numbers, and their numbers really tell as much of a narrative about NBA teams and players as words do. Mike Conley and Quincy Pondexter are both a part of Soppe's stat recap this week. Both tidbits are incredibly interesting and something that would probably be at least mildly surprising to most Grizzlies fans. For those of you only interested in the parts about the Grizzlies players, Conley is featured on the Monday part of the recap while Pondexter is a part of the Friday recap.

Chris Mannix - The Importance of Tony Allen to The Grizzlies: As all Grizz fans know, Allen is essential to the Grizzlies success on the defensive end of the floor. Mannix discusses whether the Grizzlies can afford to lose Allen or not after this season.

NBA Links

Ken Berger - Sacramento Mayor Fighting to Keep Kings: One of the biggest NBA issues recently has been the possible relocation of the Sacramento Kings to Seattle. Berger really hits the nail on the head when it comes to the Kings' battle to keep the team. Mayor Johnson takes the meaning of the team to a whole other level beyond basketball. When discussing what keeping the team in Sacramento means, Johnson told Berger "It's a defining moment for our city."

Tom Ziller - SBNation: Andre Drummond Airballs Consecutive Free Throws: Doesn't the title kind of speak for itself? This made it into this week in links strictly for humor purposes. Feeling down? Watch the video of Drummond's free throws over and over again. Problem solved!

netw3k and Steve McPherson - Grantland: NBA Teams Translated into Game of Thrones Houses: If you are anywhere near as big of a fan of both Game of Thrones and the NBA as I am, you will eat this up and probably revert back to it over and over again to tell your friends the references. Since the Season 3 premiere aired last Sunday, it was only natural to include a Game of Thrones related reference. If you are not watching that show already, then what are you doing with your life?

Arun - BBALL BREAKDOWN (Part of the SBNation Network): Clippers Poor Defense of The Three: This is an excellent breakdown of why the Clippers are so bad at defending the three ball. This could be important to the Grizzlies come playoff time. There is a chance the two teams could face off in the playoffs at some point, and this deficiency of the Clippers could prove to be important to the Grizzlies success if the teams were to meet. As is well noted, the Grizzlies are not a good three point shooting team, but with several streaky three point shooters, the Grizz could exploit this weakness of the Clippers. Whether you think the Grizzlies will end up facing the Clippers at some point in the playoffs or not, the piece is definitely worth a read. It includes a video breakdown as well!

Dan Devine - Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports: Javaris Crittenton Charged with Gang Activity: Former Grizzly Javaris Crittenton was affiliated with a gang while in the NBA, y'all. You know, because there is nothing else to do with your millions of dollars.