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Grind Prophecies: Scratch & Claw

The whole season has led this insurmountable question: who is THE Grindmaster? ...but also, are grizzlies allergic to cats?

This guy has an NBA contract. Sheesh.
This guy has an NBA contract. Sheesh.

After a league-wide off night, the NBA season gets restarted once again following an amazing display from the universities of Louisville and Michigan in last night's NCAA National Championship game. Tonight the Grizzlies face off against the Charlotte Bobcats which, if the Sacramento game was any indicator, will be closer than we would like.

In their previous game against the Brooklyn Nets, the Bobcats showed a feisty spirit as they hung with Deron Williams and Co. the extent of the game. Ben Gordon and Gerald Henderson both had 20+ points and were shooting the ball with a ton of confidence. Gordon hit six 3-pointers. Back in the Grindhouse after three game road trip, Memphis should look to make a statement early then rest some starters (i.e. Conley, Randolph, Gasol).

You will notice on today's post that I have also included a poll question. After today's post by Kellymelvinia, I have been thinking about all the great stretches of play from the whole of our team. Conley is hot now. Gasol was blazing right after the All-Star break. Randolph (lest we forget) had an All-Star deserving first half. Sprinkle sporadic Jerryd Bayless and defensive juggernaut Tony Allen and you have several terrific mini-seasons. It led to the question: if we had a team MVP award, who wins the honor this year? Since we here at Grind Prophecies use the term "Grindmaster," I thought I'd use that term for the poll. Who do you guys think would be deserving of the Memphis Grizzlies' MVP honors?

Check out the poll and the GPs, but also check out Keith G. Edwards' piece this afternoon. If you guys are not diving into this bit every time it comes out you are missing out. He is, by far, the funniest, quick-witted personality on this site and you should show him some love. Plugging done. Prophesying start.

  1. Game Score and Winner (correct predictions receive 3 points, if no correct predictions, 1 point awarded to member(s) with closest differential)
  2. The Grindmaster (3 points awarded to correct predictions; if Grindmaster title is split between 2 players, 2 points go to each member who predicted either player)
  3. Total Combined Score of Ben Gordon and Tayshaun Prince (3 points awarded to correct predictions; if no correct answers, 1 point awarded to member(s )who are closest without going over)
  4. User's Pick

Grind Prophecies April 2013 Official Rules

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