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Marc Gasol Ranked 14th Best Player in NBA by ESPN

...which is too low.


Well this seems low, but considering how underrated Marc Gasol has been over the past few years, it's finally nice to see the respect paid.

ESPN has ranked Marc as the 14th best player in the NBA in their #NBArank. Having the best season of his five year career, Marc's averaging 14.3 points, 7.7 rebounds and 4 assists a game while posting a PER of 19.5. While he's shown the world why he's one of the best offensive bigs in the league, his emergence on the defensive side of the floor (and possibly a Defensive Player of the Year award to cap it off) is the reason Marc's ranking has improved from #24 to #14.

For perspective, the players that surround Gasol on the rankings are Dirk Nowitzki (15), Blake Griffin (13), Kyrie Irving (12) and Dwight Howard (11). These are all marquee NBA players and current/budding superstars in the league. It's nice to see that the Grizzlies have their own superstar for the next few years.

Editor's Note: The fact that Dwight Howard was ranked higher than Marc Gasol is ridiculous, and someone at ESPN should be shot for it.