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What the...? Grizzlies fire assistant coach Barry Hecker after their Game 2 win over the Thunder

What the heck happened to Barry Hecker?

Jamie Squire

A somewhat strange, yet interesting note from the Grizzlies Game 2 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. After the Grizzlies dropped the Thunder, evening the series at 1-1, Memphis announced that they had parted ways with assistant coach Barry Hecker.

Yes, in the middle of the series...after a Grizzlies win!

The Grizzlies didn't make a big deal of the firing, and no one really paid all that much attention to the move. After all -- no offense to Hecker, but... -- it was only Barry Hecker.

Today on his radio show, Chris Vernon revealed the truth behind the firing and, well, it's just as strange as you would imagine.

Yes, he did, and here's how it all transpired:

And there you have it.

So, Hecker and Hollins had been going at it -- the reason? We have no idea. And the straw that eventually broke the camel's back was when Hecker got into it with an OKC fan.

The note here is that Hollins, a hard-nosed guy, was not willing to let any bickering or distractions get in the way of the ultimate goal: winning and NBA Title. And if it meant firing his friend and colleague, so be it.

A hat tip to Hollins on the move.