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Grizzly Links: Kevin Lipe on The Phil Naessens Show

GBB on the radio!


I was invited to appear on the 5/15 edition of the Phil Naessens Show and talk about the Grizzlies’ season so far and the ongoing series against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Since I love to hear the sound of my own voice, I was happy to talk Griz with Phil.

If you’re a GBB regular, a lot of what I said on the show will sound familiar, because we talked about the Rudy Gay trade, the start of the season, about Lionel Hollins, and the history of the team in Memphis—and, near and dear to my heart, why so many people nationally are just now realizing how good this Memphis team is.

From the show notes:

Who are the Memphis Grizzlies? Grizzly Bear Blues Managing Editor Kevin Lipe joins host Phil Naessens to discuss the Memphis Grizzlies 2012–2013 season and post season success and Sports-Kings Pass the Pill Managing Editor Andy Flint joins Phil to discuss the New York Knicks. The Knicks are down 3–1 to the Indiana Pacers and the guys look to see who’s to blame and what the Knicks should do moving forward and much more.

Phil is a great guy who knows his basketball, even though he lives in Greece. I had a blast talking Grizzlies with him and I hope we can chat again in the near future. Check out the show.