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NBA Playoffs: Game 5 GameThread: Grizzlies @ Thunder

The Grizzlies have a chance to close out the Thunder on the road in Oklahoma City and advance to the Western Conference Finals for the first time in the 18-year history of the franchise.


You know the drill here.

The Thunder have nothing to lose tonight: it's win or go home for the summer. The Grizzlies have been in close games with OKC every game of this series—including Monday night's overtime win in Game 4—but can they close out a desperate Kevin Durant at Loud City?

We shall see. With any luck, the Grizzlies' insane defensive pressure will be too much for the Thunder and the Griz will grit and grind their way to the next round without having to bring the series back to Memphis for a Game 6.

Let's talk it out!