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NBA Playoffs: Conference Finals Game 1 Final Score: Spurs 105, Grizzlies 83

That really, really sucked.

Stephen Dunn

Loss haiku time? (Hang on, I'm trying to stop throwing up.)

Z-Bo went missing
Davis, Leuer, Daye, Wroten:
Impending blowout.

Yeah, loss haiku time. The Grizzlies have now played in three playoff series this season and they've lost all three Game 1's by a combined 45 points. If you're bad at math, that's an average of 15 points. That means they've come out and been flat-out terrible in all three Game 1's.

So today wasn't all that surprising. The Grizzlies have used Game 1 to "feel out" what was going on and try to adjust to it. That's great and all, but the Spurs aren't a team that you want to give a 1-0 advantage in any series, much less the Western Conference Finals. The Grizzlies remain 4 wins away from the Finals, and they let the Spurs get to 3 wins away.

Final - 5.19.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Memphis Grizzlies 14 23 20 26 83
San Antonio Spurs 31 20 22 32 105

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Let's see those loss haikus now. Unfortunately, that's pat of this business, I'm afraid. We'll have a full recap up later.

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