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Grind Prophecies: Saving Face

No one ever said it would be easy. On the biggest stage in franchise history, the Grizzlies must save face and play to their strengths.

Stephen Dunn

I am very proud to be a contributing member of this wonderful site. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the breakdowns, analysis, suggestions and pleas of other writers and am choosing not to waste space with more of said copy.

I instead want to update you fabulous participants of GBB favorite pregame contest, Grind Prophecies. As we have been doing for the past 3-4 months, each game is preceded by a pick-em competitions with the winner getting a stunning prize provide by Grizzly Bear Blues and the SB Nation network.

The winner of the current competition wins a Marc Gasol jersey and has included every playoff game to date. Boy, has it been a race. The scores are up to date on the contest's leader board page and the results are in. Leading the pack is a two-way tie between kydash and GritandGrind with 17 points each. However a handful of competitors have reached the double-digit plateau. With 15 points each Ijjung and BluesCityJoe are tied for third (golf scoring) and current holder of Grindiest Prophecier of Them All, Kwhittington, is currently sitting at 14, well within contention. Also don't write off Mulligrizz, AxelRowlings or another previous champion, Chris Faulkner.

If you are a Spurs fan who happens to be reading this post, feel free to join us. Sure we will scrutinize you and rain down a barrage of respectful insults, but you are more than welcome to join in on the action. You may even find yourself on the leader board. Good luck to all those participating and go get 'em Grizzlies.

  1. Game Score and Winner (correct predictions receive 3 points, if no correct predictions, 1 point awarded to member(s) with closest differential)
  2. The Grindmaster (3 points awarded to correct predictions; if Grindmaster title is split between 2 players, 2 points go to each member who predicted either player)
  3. Spurs Team 3pt Shooting Percentage (3 points awarded to correct predictions; if no correct answers, 1 point awarded to member(s)who are closest without going over)
  4. User's Pick

Grind Prophecies Playoffs 2013 Official Rules

Grind Prophecies Playoffs Leader Board