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Game 4: One More Night

Tonight, the Grizzlies take on the San Antonio Spurs in win or stay home Game 4.

Kevin C. Cox

One more game. Give me one more night; give me just one more night.

Tonight, our beloved Memphis Grizzlies, with their backs pressed firmly against the wall, take on the San Antonio Spurs in a win or stay home Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. A win, and The Grizzlies stave off elimination, avoid the humiliation of the sweep, and send the series back to San Antonio.

Nothing has really changed. The Grizzlies still have to get better play from their starters, they still need to limit the production of San Antonio's shooters, and play for a full 48 minutes. We could break down what has to happen ad nauseam, but really, after 3 games, we know exactly what it is they need to do. Tonight, this one is more about pride.

Pride in both the name on the front of the jersey, and the one on the back. Pride in your city and in your franchise. Pride that just getting to the Western Conference Finals was not enough. If the Grizzlies want to keep their season alive, they'll need to play with pride.

There will be 18,000 screaming fans there supporting them, in what could possibly be the last game of the season in the Grindhouse. If you're having a hard time getting amped for the game, just remember what Gandhi said, "Smile don't cost nothin', suga."

All season long, while the Grizzlies have been in the mud and been refusing to bluff, Memphis fans have been right there all along, chanting and cheering, and making the Grindhouse one of the toughest places for an opposing team to come in and play, and they'll need much more of the same tonight.

One more game. Just one more night with you. 8:00 tip off. Time to leave it out on the court. All heart, grit and grind.