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Offseason Chatter: Chris Wallace leaving the Grizzlies?

Just hours after the Grizzlies season ends, the offseason rumors begin.


Local radio host Chris Vernon, @ChrisVernonShow on Twitter, is speculating with confidence that there is a good chance that Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace is likely to take a position with the Sacramento Kings in the coming days or weeks. If this turns out to be true, whether Wallace goes to SAC or anywhere else, the Griz' offseason is already starting off with some commotion.

Chris Wallace played an enormous part of assembling the Grizzlies team you watched this season, and his contributions will be missed ... but not necessarily sorely missed. This new front office has a small track record of knowing what they want and then executing what they want. With the way Pera/Levien/Hollinger have asserted their plan in less than a year, I'm putting my trust into the blueprints that have been sketched out.

More to come...

UPDATE: Chris Vernon also saying Phoenix is a likely landing spot for Wallace due to Wallace's past work experience with the new GM of the Suns.