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NBA Playoff GameThread: Grizzlies vs. Clippers, Game 6

It's elimination game time! The Grindhouse is truly going to be a nightmare for the Clippers tonight as the face the Grizzlies in Game 6 of the first round. The Griz lead 3 games to 2. If the Grizzlies win tonight, the Clippers' season is over, ground up and spit out by the Grizzlies.


Grizzlies win? On the the next round, and the Clippers get sent packing back to Los Angeles.

Clippers win? It's board a plane to L.A. tonight and face the Clippers in a loser-go-home grudge match on Sunday.

Guess which one of those two things I want to have happen.

Will Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol continue to brutalize the Clippers' bigs down low? Is Blake Griffin really going to sit out what could be the last game of his season with an ankle sprain? If he plays, will he be healthy enough to make any sort of a difference? We all know Chris Paul can't be contained for a full 48 minutes, but can he be contained for enough minutes tonight for the Griz to survive and advance?

Let's talk it out!