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NBA Playoffs, Game 1 Final Score: Thunder 93, Grizzlies 91

The Grizzlies let this one slip.. There is just no other way to put it.

Ronald Martinez

As much as Grizzlies fans hate playing hero ball, Kevin Durant was damn impressive doing just that. He finished with 35 points and 15 rebounds. He did what he does night in and night out which is hit big shots, and it won the Thunder the game.

Add on the fact that the Grizzlies allowed Kevin Martin to look like a world beater, and that Reggie Jackson played better than Mike Conley for long stretches of time and that's a recipe for a loss almost every time.

I'm sure you've figured out by now that I just don't have very much good to say about the Grizzlies performance. The Grizzlies got good offensive performances out of both Gasol and Randolph as usual, but on the defensive end everybody had their lapses, including uncharacteristic brain farts by Allen, Conley, and even Gasol at times.

After watching Game 1, I hate to say it but all the Grizzlies to the Finals talk seems a bit premature.

We'll get 'em in Game 2, hopefully!