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Playoff GameThread: Grizzlies @ Thunder, Game 2

After losing Game 1 against the Thunder in OKC, the Grizzlies look to swing the momentum in the series and grab Game 2 before heading back to Bluff City.


While Game 1 was a disappointing loss that came via a fourth quarter collapse in large part due to Kevin Durant being extraterrestrial, if the Grizzlies are able to take one game from the Thunder in Oklahoma City the Grizzlies should be fine. While it is not out of the realm of possibility, it's hard to think the Grizzlies will lose a game at home. That makes tonight an incredibly important game.

The Grizzlies have shown they can come back from a 2-0 series deficit, (see round 1 against the Clippers) but it is not an easy feat and not one I recommend trying twice in one playoffs. Hopefully Hollins will have made the necessary adjustments to stymie Kevin Martin. Limit everybody's scoring but Durant's, and that increases the Grizzlies chances of winning exponentially. While Durant is otherworldly, he can't do it alone. Look for Conley to have a rebound game as well. He rarely plays two poor games in a row.

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