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GBB Draft Profiles: Nemanja Nedovic

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The next in our ongoing series looking at potential draft prospects

Author's Note: This year the Grizzlies hold the 41st, 55th, and 60th picks in the NBA Draft. For the next two weeks, I'll be writing draft profiles of prospects who fall in that range, starting with the Euro's, because I love me some foreign players. We've already covered the European Matt Bonner, today we'll be looking at the a poor man's Tony Wroten, Nemanja Nedovic!

Nemanja Nedovic

21 Years Old, 6'4", 200 lbs., PG/SG, Lietuvos Rytas (via Serbia)

Best Song for a Future Highlight Reel: "You Can Call Me Al"-Paul Simon

What He Brings to the Table: Athleticism, Upside, Handle

What He Lacks: Everything else

Best-Case Comparison: Jeremy Pargo (Draft Express), Alex Burks (ForeignFlopper)

Worst-Case Comparison: Mike Taylor (Draft Express), Dominique Jones (ForeignFlopper)

Obligatory Highlight Reel:

Why the Grizzlies Ought to Draft Him (for Basketball Reasons): In spite of my snide comment earlier, Nemanja's actually a decent prospect in that he does possess many of the tools to succeed, he just needs to put them together. For example, he gets to the rim at ease due to his athleticism and handle, but is a poor finisher because he often goes for a floater (or, the Juan Carlos Navarro, for old-timer Grizzly fans) instead of a layup or dunk. Likewise, he's a decent passer, but a terrible decision-maker so his assist-to-turnover ratio is horrifically bad. I think he can improve fairly rapidly as a jump-shooter because his mechanics are both solid and consistent, but he'll need at least another season before he becomes a true threat from deep. Defense is the same story, as there's a lot of potential, but currently a lack of effort and awareness.

Ultimately, Nedovic is probably the biggest gambles of the European prospects. His combination of size, athleticism, and reasonable skill level gives him a much higher ceiling than someone like Bojan Dubljevic, but it's just as likely that he doesn't improve enough for the Grizzlies to bother bringing him over.

Why the Grizzlies Ought to Draft Him (for non-Basketball Reasons): Again, there can never be too many foreigners wearing a Grizzlies' uniform.

More importantly, Nedovic's current skill set closely resembles that of less-developed Tony Wroten. Due to the fact that many of us here at GBB are fans of Tony Wroten and have campaigned for him to be given more playing time, Nemanja Nedovic actually serves a very useful purpose: to take Tony Wroten's place in the doghouse.

If Lionel Hollins were still the head coach, I would lobby for the Grizzlies to pick Nedovic and immediately bring him over, if only to confuse Hollins. You see, Nemanja bears a striking resemblance to Wroten, and Hollins' eyes weren't what they once were, meaning that Tony Wroten is guaranteed to get at least another 5 minutes a game by mistake (this would be a real-life variation of the "Who's on First?" routine). Also, there will be a film-crew to document all of these wacky hijinks. The footage will then be used for The Office's replacement, Spitting Image, and Tony Wroten can put an Emmy on his shelf next to the 2014 Most Improved Player Award.

(Note to the networks, my email is listed in my SB Nation profile, you can send all job offers there)

Mock Draft Predictions: #51 Orlando (Draft Express), #57 Phoenix (