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Grizzly Bear Blues Weekend Create-a-Caption #1 Winner!

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Ronald Martinez

ZBo to TA: You've never seen ANY of the Aliens movies? They are AWESOME! There are these aliens called facehuggers and they're all like this!

Duncan to Parker: Yeah like this!

Bonner: Hey guys! Can I hang out? Look, my hand's a facehugger too!

Congratulations to n8dogg606 for submitting the winning caption!

Hilarious stuff, and we had great participation for our first go-round of Weekend Create-a-Caption. We'll be posting a new photo to caption on Sunday, so keep your funny juices loose.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the debut of a new GBB series: Saturday Night Shuffle! I can almost guarantee it'll be good for a few chuckles.

There's another Griz Summer League game on tonight, 7:30pm Central, against the Denver Nuggets. For any of you who have trouble sleeping at night or just need a solid 2 hour block to drool and flubber your lips - try and check out the game.

Otherwise we've got what looks like a competitive golf major going in the British Open. I'm sure Keith will be watching the Braves play tonight. Post any other activities below and let us know what you're up to!

Everyone have a great, safe weekend!