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Tony Allen tweets hint that he may have re-signed with Griz

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The Grizzlies' free agent defensive savant tweeted tonight, and it sounds like he might still be a member of #GrizzNation.


It's well known that other teams (the Clippers and Knicks, among others) were interested in pursuing Allen, but, if this tweet is to be believed, he appears to be staying in Memphis for a while. Given the deals that other free agents have gotten today, let's hope Allen's was a smart one.

More on this as it develops.


He's baaaaaaaaaaack! (According to Woj, anyway.)

It appears that Jon Leuer may have gotten in on the new contract action tonight, as well:

Y'all can breathe a little easier now. At $5mil a year, I'll take it. Not super-crazy about the fourth year, but I like Tony Allen and I want to keep him in Memphis, and if it takes the fourth year to do that, so be it.