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Stein: Mike Miller To Sign With Memphis Grizzlies

Robert Pera hasn't let me down yet.


Well it wasn't the Decision, but it'll suffice for now. Marc Stein of ESPN has reported that free agent shooting guard Mike Miller has decided to join the Memphis Grizzlies after a week's worth of being recruited.

After being amnestied by the Miami Heat, it was unclear if Miller would make his way back to Beale Street after reporters had the Oklahoma City Thunder as frontrunners for his services.

This will be Miller's second stint with the team. He isn't the player he was in 2007 [traded to Minnesota alongside Kevin Love for O.J. Mayo a.k.a. =( ], but this version of the Grizzlies desperately needs three-point shooting, so Miller will fit in perfectly. During his time with the Miami Heat, Miller shot 41 percent from behind the arc and 40 percent on spot-up threes ( He'll fit in perfectly.

As good as Miller has been shooting threes in his career, you can't ignore the injuries that have plagued him the last few years. Since last suiting up for the Grizzlies, Miller has played in 266 games of a possible 394 (i.e. He's missed a third of them). It's unclear whether his body has what it takes for him to be a key regular season piece, while leaving something in the tank to be able to contribute during the postseason.