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Grizzly Bear Blues Weekend Create-a-Caption #2 Winner!

Andy Lyons

I will NOT buy a KIA!!!!

Congratulations to ..umm.... me!

Thanks for the rec's everyone. There were plenty of great captions this week, but KIA jokes + Blake Griffin + Raging Wendigo won't be denied.

I'd like to take a moment to encourage everyone to recommend your favorite captions each week in the post. You can rec as many as you like and you are not bound to one, single caption. AKA: Don't let me win again!!!!

Big news this week was the Mike Miller signing, but bigger than our actual acquisition of Miller was the fact that he chose Memphis over two other would-be-powerhouses in the Western Conference. Dat feels gud.

To celebrate the return of one of our favorite Grizzlies, I am encouraging everyone to post their best "celebrating the return of Mike Miller" GIF's below in the comments. If there are enough participants I will declare a winner tonight based on rec's and my own personal opinion ... and there's a prize!! The winner will be allowed to carry the "GBB GIF Master" moniker in their SBNation signature until I decide to hold another contest (which will be at least a few weeks).


PS: Tomorrow the new Saturday Night Shuffle series continues with our very own Andrew Ford!