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Dave Joerger suggests Grizzlies may not be done with roster moves

After the Mike Miller press conference this afternoon, coach Dave Joerger went on the radio with 92.9ESPN's Chris Vernon and hinted that Memphis could still be looking to upgrade their roster.

Chef Joerger says he's still in the kitchen.
Chef Joerger says he's still in the kitchen.

First off, what a great press conference and what a great vibe form FedexForum this afternoon. I've never seen this kind of energy surrounding the Grizzlies in the offseason.

A giddy Dave Joerger went on the air with Chris Vernon shortly after the presser for Mike Miller and his effervescence continued to bubble and froth over like a daydreaming barista steaming milk. That's not to say that Joerger is being unrealistic, because, as we all know, this Grizzlies team functions on concrete, factual information. And it appears as though this information makes Dave Joerger a very happy man, which in turn makes me a very happy man.

We've got some other things cooking. -Coach Dave Joerger

Towards the end of the interview with Vernon, they banter about offseason moves and Joerger alludes that there are still a few things he desires in terms of roster composition. He mentions the speculation of the Griz being helped in the playoffs by Russell Westbrooks' absence, leading him to this candid quote:

And I don't know that we're done, ya know? We've got some other things cooking.

Vernon then tries to squeeze out any specific hints about possible moves, but Joerger abruptly, yet lightheartedly, changes the subject. (go take a listen, the whole thing is great)

We just added Nick Calathes, Josh Akognon, Mike Miller and are potentially looking to sign Mo Williams, yet it appears as if Levien/Pera/Joerger still actively considering other ways to upgrade the roster. Seeing as how we've got about 30 players on the roster right now and are sitting right under the luxury tax, the only way I see any additional moves is through trades. Perhaps aggressive trades? Perhaps utilizing the Rudy Gay trade exception and packaging some combination of Wroten/Prince/Bayless for another high level contributor?

It's all speculation. So let's speculate below in the comments. And... go!