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Grizzly Tweets: Ed Davis Bosses Ron Tillery on Twitter

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Ed Davis didn't think he should have been asked to go to Summer League by Lionel Hollins, and he told Ron Tillery so... on Twitter.


When the Grizzlies Summer League roster was released today, Commercial Appeal Griz beat writer Ron Tillery thought it was noteworthy that Ed Davis wasn’t making an appearance. It was widely reported after the end of the season that former coach Lionel Hollins had requested that Davis attend Summer League to work on his game.

Chris Herrington of the Memphis Flyer didn’t think it was weird that Davis wasn’t attending Summer League:

For the record, neither did I. Clearly Davis needs to work on his game this offseason—all NBA players do. But Davis, who just completed his third season in the league and who played heavy minutes as a starter in Toronto, is a cut above the guys who usually go—bench guys and young guys who need minutes against pro competition that they might not get in real games.

Davis, for his trouble, had this to say:


Clearly, Davis didn’t appreciate that Hollins thought he should be in Summer League, and clearly, Davis has been keeping tabs on Ron Tillery’s continued passive-aggressiveness towards the new Grizzlies front office and everything they do. (And his inexplicable blocking of Memphis media members, probably including me and this blog after I post this.)

But man, this stuff is funny.

Tillery’s response, and the ensuing back and forth:

It’s not every day that NBA players tangle with the media publicly. Tillery has a point: Summer League partly functions as a way for players to show the public that they’re working. The example that Tillery gave was O.J. Mayo going to Summer League after a breakout year to work on his handle. That one ended up not working out so well.

Either way, life sure is more entertaining when Ed Davis is Bossing people on Twitter!