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Grizzly Bear Blues: Saturday Night Shuffle

This is the fourth edition of Saturday Night Shuffle. The rules are simple: power up your iPod or similar device, hit shuffle and list the first 10 songs. No cheating!


(Editor's note: This is actually the third edition because I forgot to do mine last week. Whoops. —KL)

It is not-so-slowly dawning on me that this article is the surest sign that, somewhere in the winding catacombs of the internet, my epitaph is already written. In the year 2067, my widow (never re-married and aging so gracefully) will lay a wreath at my grave, and the words "Had Miley Cyrus' ‘Party In the USA' on his iPod, and told the internets about it." will be scrawled upon my tombstone. Not that I do. I don't. I swear.

Rather than writing the whole list out at once, I've decided to do a sort of "Running Diary" (C: Bill Simmons, 1998), and record my reaction to each song as I listen to it. That way you guys can actually see the moment I curl into a ball of shame.


1). A New Found Glory - The Goonies "Good Enough" - Not the best start, but it could be worse. Though I prefer their cover of "The Neverending Story", I stand by this being on my iPod.

2). Third Eye Blind - "Crystal Baller" - 3EB was my favorite band in high school. Followed by Dave Matthews Band. On a related note, I went to one of those rich, homogenous private schools where even the black people are white.

3). Muse - "The Small Print" {Audible sigh}. Muse is one of the few bands that I really, really like. This song probably doesn't break my top 10, but its great.

4). The Darkness - "I Believe In a Thing Called Love." If you can't pump your fist to this one, then you don't pump your first to anything and you are probably way more mature than I am. Embarrassment scale: 2 out of 10. I'm feeling pretty good.

5). Jay-Z - "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" - I'm not big into rap, but I do like me some Jay-Z. Related, I'm feeling great about this list. Thinking about cutting the entire first paragraph and owning this list. There are no skeletons in my closet. Wait... I'm only halfway through this thing! I need to think of a good reverse jinx before the next so--

6). Counting Crows - "Round Here" {Very audible sigh} Dodged a reverse jinx bullet there. This song reminds me of the '02 Memphis in May Music Fest. The lineup was amazing, and I feel bad that approximately 66% of Grizzlies fans were like 12 years old when it happened. In the span of 3 days I saw OAR, Better Than Ezra, John Mayer, Night Ranger, Kid Rock (he had strippers on stage), Hoobastank, Hootie & the Blowfish, Puddle of Mudd (who played so angrily because they knew everyone was just sitting through their show to watch Incubus play next), Incubus (my favorite band at the time), Bush, and Stone Temple Pilots (Stone Temple Pilots is still the best band I have ever seen live). The one band we didn't see that weekend: Counting Crows. The band we saw instead: Bush. Underrated concert thing: Bush and Hootie were awesome. Threw everything they had into their performances as if we were all still in the 90's, and everybody knew every word to every song.

I saw Counting Crows a half dozen years later, and they closed with the song from "Shrek" about a parking lot. Or something. Bush FTW.

7). Amy Winehouse - "Do Me Good" - RIP Winehouse.

8). Incubus - "Consequence" - Considering that half my iPod is Incubus and Red Hot Chili Peppers, it is a minor miracle that we made it through 7 songs before hitting one. My favorite Incubus songs wanders with time, but "Consequence" has been it on more than one occasion.

9). Lee Greenwood - "Proud To Be An American" - The second most patriotic song on my iPod, behind everything from the "Team America World Police" soundtrack.

10). Nate Dogg and Warren G - "Regulators" - WOOOO!!! I made it through the list unscathed! Very recently, I was in a wedding party full of friends from middle school. We were in the limo driving to the wedding and this song came on. In the blink of an eye, we all turned us into 13 year old white kids rapping every word while doing the "make a gun with your fingers and point demonstratively" move.

And if you don't like this song your argument is invalid because "Regulators! Mount up!!!"