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Grizzly Bear Blues Weekend Create-a-Caption #3 Winner!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

I know we have had our rough patches...
But I really think Summer League would do you some good, Jerryd.

Congratulations to MulliGrizz!

Mullinax takes the prize with a GBB CaC all-time high score of (8) recs! We had plenty of great captions this week, with a honorable mention to BluesCityJoe and his "Is Lionel Hollins gonna have to choke a b****?"

It could possibly be a busy weekend of news for the Grizzlies with our front office seemingly dipping their paws into nearly all the remaining honey jars around the league. Greg Oden? Mo Williams? Antawn Jamison? Hopefully by Monday we have answers.

Tomorrow we've got our fearless leader Kevin Lipe conducting the Saturday Night Shuffle so expect a healthy serving of Fleetwood Mac and Ke$ha. (ha!)

I'll have another Create-a-Caption posted on Sunday. There's so many great options for pictures that I figured I'd take the pulse and see which Grizzly(ies) you all would like featured next. Vote your preference below or post a combination in the comments. Have a great weekend!