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GBB Create-a-Caption #6 Winner!


TA to TW: Don't worry about Mo Williams, Nick Calathes, Beno Udrich, and Josh Akognon! The front office is just looking for a third stringer in case you get hurt. TA runs off laughing.

Congratulations to xcrunner446!

Holler! We have a newcomer for the winner of what will probably be the most coincidental CaC photo of all time. Fear the Caption! Only days after this ominous picture hit the GBB shelves, our beloved Tony Wroten pictured above is shipped off for a draft pick that will never manifest itself. While xcrunner446 did an incredible job of capturing the moment, we actually had a tie this week, with our commander-in-chief, Kevin Lipe, matching up his own brilliant line.

TA to TW: Man, your form on that jumper looked great to me...

However, Kevin is still in the GBB Lionel Hollins' Memorial Doghouse for forgetting his Sat Nite Shuffle a while back. That, combined with how lame it was when I won it for CaC #2, promotes xcrunner446 to this week's champion title. Great stuff from a few different people this week. I'm bringing back the poll for Sunday's new photo so make sure to vote!

Since this could very well be the last Tony Wroten picture published on GBB, let's use this as a Goodbye Thread for a good kid who wanted to be in Memphis so badly he pitched himself mercilessly to Chris Wallace. In the words of the Grindfather:

If you stay ready you never have to get ready.

To which I say: You have to start by actually getting ready before you can stay ready. Wroten never got ready.