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Grizzly Bear Blues Weekend Create-a-Caption #4 Winner!

Kevin C. Cox

Hey, Tony, is this how you do it?

Congratulations to BluesCityJoe, again!

BCJ bringing more "A" game and notching his second GBB CaC victory. That's some sick mojo to carry around!

Hope everyone enjoys the month by month breakdowns we'll be posting over the next week. I find it really interesting to put each month in a different context, but I'm honestly pretty indifferent to the schedule overall; I just want to see some ball soon. There are no surprises in regards to the actual schedule, so professional teams should have plenty of time to best prepare for anything out of the ordinary.

Last week's poll got plenty of votes and created a nice picture of what you folks want to see. So I figure we'll try it out again, with a different take this time.