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Saturday (Late) Night Shuffle

From comedy to pop, to R&B and Muppets, this may prove to be the most diverse Saturday Night Shuffle in the brief history of it's existence. Enjoy.

Mary Ann Chastain

Well boys and girls (?) it's that time of the week again, time for the patented Grizzly Bear Blues' Saturday Nite Shuffle.  Surely by this point we all know what's going on, and I highly doubt these are attracting any new readers to the site, so let's get down. Pun. First things first, I'd just like to say that a wise man once said "Judge not, lest ye be judged" and I tend to agree with that.

1. The Beautiful Letdown- Switchfoot: In a title that should be very forshadowing of the musical numbers to come, the first song on my shuffle is an oldie, but a goodie nonetheless from those San Diego surf-rockers, Switchfoot. The song is from the album of the same name. Switchfoot is one of the two bands I grew up on, and I’ll always love them.

2. My Whole Family…- Bo Burnham: I’m not sure if this counts, but I was told not to skip any tracks, and this was what came up next. I don’t know what kind of comedy you guys enjoy, and if you don’t like to be offended, then just keep moving, there is nothing to see here. But if you like a good laugh and don’t mind things that are edgy, Bo Burnham is a funny, talented guy. It’s a shame he doesn’t exist anymore.

3. PTL- Relient K: Ah, my old friend. Relient K is the first band I ever really loved, and because of that they will always be my favorite. They don’t always hit homeruns (I’m looking at you, Faking My Own Suicide.) and the song PTL (stands for part time lover) is off their latest album, one they admitted from the beginning would be a “pop experiment” and also one many people don’t care for. It’s not a bad album, it has some fun songs, but lyrically, especially when compared to some of their earlier material, it is bad. Like, Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s bad. An actual line is “I know the cookie’s gonna crumble, and I know life is gonna suck some days…” Like I said, they aren’t all homeruns.

4. Señorita-Justin Timberlake: The most talented guy in the business at the moment, and he knows it, and we know it, and he knows we know it. Never stop, JT.

5. Once Upon Another Time- Sara Bareilles: I legitimately want this song played at my funeral. Make it happen, you guys. It’s a very powerful song, done mostly Acapella, and she brings the house all the way down. Go listen to this oneright now.

6. Life’s a Happy Song-The Muppets: For those of you who missed the boat on the 2011 Muppet revival, you should feel so very ashamed. It was a great movie, and had some pretty sweet songs. I downloaded the soundtrack on my way home from the theathre. (I know, I’m a loser…) This was one of the songs written by Brett McKenzie, one half of the artists formally known as Flight of the Conchords, and it is very fun.

7. Freaks and Geeks- Childish Gambino: If you’ve never heard of Childish Gambino or Donald Glover, then you have probably been living under the bellies of the beetles that live under rocks. He’s a former writer for 30 Rock, one of the stars of Community, and also a very skilled musician. Seriously, the guy is one of the most intimidatingly talented people on the planet. He has some serious demons in his closets though, and that’s ok. We’re here for you, Gambeezy. We’re all here for you…

8. I’m a Flirt- R. Kelly: There isn’t much to be said about this classic. So I’ll share a completely random story about a different R. Kelly song. I was on my way to a camp this summer, and while driving, I passed this barn that had a horse that was all the colors of a cow. I’d never seen anything like it, and I like to think it’s origins began something like this: A farmer is doing an emergency late night milking of one of the cows, and as the cow is walking back to the barn, a horse is outside of one of the stables. The moon is high in the sky, bright as it can be, and the stars are legion. The two animals eyes meet, when suddenly, “MY MIND’S TELLING ME NO! BUT MY BODY, MY BODY’S TELLING ME YE~E~ES!”

9. Hopeless Wanderer-Mumford and Sons: Can we all do something, please? Can we all just agree that Marcus Mumford is only attractive to women because of his musical talents? I hear people talking all the time about how they’d do this to him, or let him do such and such to them, knowing good and well if this guy was just some random schmuck in a bar, they’d never approach him in a million years. Just something that was on my heart tonight. As you were…

10. All of Me- John Legend: I’m a HUGE John Legend fan, and this song makes me want to find a wife and ride a solid white horse off into the sunset on the beach. (Thank goodness it’s only three and a half minutes). It’s the first single off his upcoming album, and if you want to feel the feelings, and I do mean all of the feelings, go check it out.  I recently downloaded this song the same day I bought the song “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran, and I’ve been wearing them both completely out.

Editor's Note

Nothing by Gary Clark Jr. came up in my first 10, and I wasn't going to cheat like Ryan did. (If a man doesn't have his integrity, than what does he have?) But I do agree with his sentiments that you check this cat out immediately. Some of the things he does to a guitar should be considered illegal, or at the very least pornographic. (Can I say that? Can I end a blog article on SB Nation with the word pornographic? Cause I'm doing it.)