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Saturday Night Shuffle: Lipe Edition

In which I hit shuffle and list the first ten songs that come up and tell you a little bit about them, all the while praying that none of it is too embarrassing.

Flickr user "Peter - Los Angeles"

I've been listening to some weird stuff lately. Usually, my iPod (or, lately, my iPhone) has a pretty good mix of genres and a lot of stuff that's, well, pretty normal. Not lately. I don't know what's wrong with me--maybe I'm turning into some sort of weird hipster musicologist in my old age, or maybe I'm just so deaf from standing in front of cranked guitar amps in rock clubs that I can't actually hear music that well anymore--but this list is pretty strange, even for me.


Here's the list, followed by some commentary.

  1. The Rolling Stones, "Gimme Shelter." I'm not sure there's anything I can say about this one. If you don't like this song, and if it doesn't make you feel some sort of weird forboding in the pit of your stomach, I can't help you.
  2. Sufjan Stevens, "A Good Man is Hard to Find." Sufjan Stevens is an interesting character. I think my favorite album of his is Seven Swans, which is actually a little bit of a side project for him. It's his most human, subdued, acoustic, raw. Sufjan without the forced constraints of writing an entire album about Illinois.
  3. MGMT, "The Handshake." MGMT is a band that I don't always like. I have to be in the mood. When I am in the mood, I love MGMT, and then a week later I take them off my iPod and don't listen to them again for six months. At which time I love them again for a few days. It's weird.
  4. The Breeders, "Flipside." I dunno. The Breeders are really fun. If you don't like girls singing pop songs over really noisy guitars, I don't think we can be friends. n8dogg understands this.
  5. Hüsker Dü, "Somewhere." This is off Zen Arcade, which is an album that I like to put on when I want to turn the radio all the way up and drive over the speed limit. Sometimes a little hardcore is good for the soul, and Hüsker Dü is a band that you should know.
  6. The Velvet Underground, "Stephanie Says." I bought a vinyl copy of Lou Reed's Transformer in really good condition today at a junk store on Summer Avenue.
  7. Neil Young, "Shots." This song is on one of the weirdest Neil Young records, 1981's Re*Ac*Tor. Which no one seems to like but me. The version currently on my phone is from a 1978 live bootleg of the acoustic shows that ended up being recorded for Rust Never Sleeps. I have too many Neil Young bootlegs.
  8. Black Sabbath, "St. Vitus' Dance." THIS SONG ROCKS SOOOOOO HARD. See for yourself. Maybe the hardest-hitting verse riff in history. I dunno.
  9. Neil Young, "Albuquerque." More Neil, this time from the extra-melancholy and extra-sloppy Tonight's the Night. A lonely song by a lonely guy. At one point on this track you can hear Neil Young hit the microphone with his harmonica, and yet that's the take that made it on to the record. This song always makes me miss some of our friends who moved to Texas, and I've never been able to quite figure out why.
  10. Love, "7 And 7 Is." I tried to get my band to cover this song for a long time, and they never did, so I gave up. It's a great song, though. They made the explosion sound effect at the end by dropping a Fender reverb tank from a few feet up while it was plugged in, which is pretty rad.

The list turned out not to be quite as weird as I was afraid it would be, but oh well. Maybe the word count makes up for the fact that the last time I was supposed to do a Shuffle, I completely forgot about it? I dunno. Cast your judgements in the comments.

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