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Grizzly Bear Blues Offseason Thread Pitstop

Feel free to use this thread to talk about anything going on right now: NFL football, college football, baseball, men's volleyball, whatever. No politics though, I don't want to come in and delete half the thread every hour.

Jamie Squire

The story of the day for myself is the Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans. Although the Texans started off the first 8 years of their existence as a punching bag, I must admit they've surpassed the Titans in talent and execution the past couple of years. If the Titans defeating the Steelers last week felt like ecstasy, then I'm surely to be arrested following a Titans victory today.

Guess what everybody?! TWENTY-FOUR days until we have actual Grizzlies basketball to discuss, albeit preseason. I expect some fervent support from Grizz Nation during the preseason this year, however, because I believe our fanbase is more involved and connected with the team than ever before.

Who's not looking forward to seeing heavy minutes from Jon Leuer, Nick Calathes, Jamaal Franklin and our other young Grizlings?