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ESPN 2013 NBA Player Rankings #376-500: Grizzlies players and notables

ESPN is releasing their 2013 NBA Player Rankings and we'll take a look at where the Grizzlies (and other relevant players) show up on the list.

No, it's on the money Keyon.
No, it's on the money Keyon.
Ronald Martinez

  • Josh Akognon - #484
  • Willie Reed - #457
  • Jon Leuer - #389

Considering there are 30 teams that are allowed a maximum of 15 players (450), it could be considered a good thing that the Grizzlies don't have too many guys showing up in the initial release of the bottom of the league.

Akognon is understandable at that spot; we'll see if he gets an opportunity to improve on that this year. I'm not sure why Willie Reed is still on our roster as his summer league was Wrotenesque. Leuer fell 26 spots from #363 last year, but with him being traded midseason and rarely used, it makes sense. I would, however, expect Leuer to make a surge upward on the list next year. I believe Dave Joerger will give him opportunities, and the kid has a sweet shot and looks like a pretty-well-rounded basketball player.

Other notables on the list:

  • Hakim Warrick - #403
  • Donte Green - #415
  • Hamed Haddadi - #424
  • Chris Johnson - #425
  • Chris Douglas-Roberts - #430
  • Keyon Dooling - #442
  • Ish Smith - #445
  • Xavier Henry - #451
  • Lamar Odom - #462 (chuckle...)
  • Dexter Pittman - #488
  • Fab Melo - #499

Okay, so Fab Melo is the second worst player in the NBA. Good thing we gave him a retirement cushion? And oh by the freaking way, if it turns out that Hasheem Thabeet is on this list and ranks higher than Jon Leuer, the shred of credibility the list had to begin with is likely going to dissolve like a slug under kosher salt.

I'm expecting some higher rankings for our core players, compared to last year's: Conley improved immensely, Gasol DPOY, TA All NBA Defensive First Team, Qpon coming on in the playoffs. It'll be interesting to see where Zbo ends up, coming off an All-Star appearance but struggling in the WCF.