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Memphis Grizzlies Bring Back a Player Day - Pau Gasol

The theme today on SB Nation is "Bring Back a Player"; which player you would want back on your team if you were able to do so. I chose the most hated man in this team's short history.

Pau Gasol troll face activated
Pau Gasol troll face activated
Scott Halleran

My first thought was to bring back Mike Miller, but the front office answered my prayers and picked up the two-time NBA champion this off-season. So I decided to go elsewhere. We saw Andrew chose the eventful Marko Jaric. Joe Mullinax chose Greivis Vasquez. I'm bringing back the infamous Pau Gasol.

I must admit that, despite his lackadasical efforts during his last season as a Griz, I've never not liked the man. That may come with the territory of being a Memphis Grizzlies fan living in Atlanta, but I just don't have the animosity that Tennesseans have with him.

If you've forgotten, let's re-visit how good Pau was in his prime. From the minute he suited up for the Grizzlies until his departure, Pau averaged 18.8 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 3.1 assists per game while posting a PER of 21.7. You know who else achieved that feat during this time span? Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan. While Pau didn't bring the defensive prowess those two did, that is elite company to be in.

More importantly we saw what happened when Gasol was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now here is the lineup: Mike Conley - Tony Allen - Tayshaun Prince - Pau Gasol - Marc Gasol.

That's a phenomenal lineup. It'll work defensively because of the system, and in his hay-day Pau was one of the better defensive big-men this league had to offer. And offensively? It'd be a thing of beauty. How many of us love watching Marc feed his teammates from the block or hi-post? I'll answer that on my own. ALL OF US. Now, add another player who attributes the same type of passing qualities as Marc and doesn't mind taking over games - I'm all for it. And maybe playing with some of the more assertive players in the NBA (TA and Z-Bo), Gasol doesn't get the "soft" label attached to him.

An underrated reason in Pau Gasol being back on Memphis? The way he tweets. I'd be forced to look at things like this everyday:

He's such a nice guy!

I don't know if the addition of Gasol makes the Memphis Grizzlies the Western Conference favorites, but it'd be a great addition to the lineup.

Let us know below who you'd choose to bring back while I dream of Pau and Marc Gasol running fastbreaks alongside each other.