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Memphis Grizzlies confirm that owner Robert Pera will play Tony Allen 1-on-1 for charity

Robert Pera's money, please meet the place where your mouth is.

Might white men actually be able to jump?
Might white men actually be able to jump?

According to Jason Levien and The Memphis Business Journal, on September 29th, Grizzlies owner Robert Pera will take the court against his own player and 2013 NBA Defensive First Team member, Tony Allen. The exact location has not been specified, but it's likely to take place on the practice court or main court inside FedexForum.

I previewed this bit a while back when Pera first proposed the idea to Tony on twitter, and they've now decided to follow through and make the event open to the public and local media. This is no doubt in part to the massive fan response to the idea, and it's some great encore PR to the Grizzlies being named sports' #1 franchise by ESPN earlier this week. (The nearly 300 folks on GBB that said they would attend couldn't have hurt either).

The icing on the cake that was previously unmentioned: our very own Zach Randolph is supposedly going to be in attendance to referee the game.

Robert Pera's love and passion for basketball is well documented, as well as his diligent work on his game and conditioning. Outside of ex-players turned front office, I can't think of any NBA owners, past or present, that would be willing to take on a player in this manner, let alone one that could give the player a run for his money (charity).

Cool stuff.