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Memphis Grizzlies Links: Tuesday, 9-24-2013 - Woo! You got a date Saturday, baby!

Your smorgasbord of Grizzlies news and opinions.

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-Obviously not groundbreaking news by now, but everyone should read Peter Keating's breakdown of the Griz and their #1 franchise designation from ESPN.

Thoughts: It's awesome. Read it.

-The folk over at have a thorough (but obvious) preview of the Memphis Grizzlies up on their site.

Thoughts: Austin Daye is actually an addition by subtraction, not sure Zbo is still our best offensive player, and the meme about the Grizzlies' offensive woes is getting really old. asks if Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph can lead us to glory?

Thoughts: I don't know, but I think Marc Gasol and Mike Conley can.

-Mike Conley is hosting his Fifth Annual Bowl-n-Bash event over at Billy Hardwick's this Saturday. It's $125 for yourself or $500 for a 4-person team, which is like saying "these rolls are $1 a piece, or 10 for $10." But in all seriousness this is a great event run by Mike for charity.

Thoughts: Bowling and "absence of alcohol" go together for me like Ryan Seacrest on TV and "not being able to find the remote control."

-Gilbert Arenas will not try out for the LA Clippers, instead deciding to return to play in China.

Thoughts: It'd make way more sense for the Hibachi master to go play in Japan.

-The Memphis Grizzlies are the 13th most watchable NBA team, according to USA Today.

Thoughts: Pshh, they skyrocket up this list without the millions of morons that just want to watch one player try and score 50 points every night.

BONUS: 1,000 GBB bucks to the person that identifies from where the reference in the promo title came.