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ESPN 2013 Franchise Rankings: How did the Memphis Grizzlies improve?

Rudy, look at these rankings!
Rudy, look at these rankings!
2012 Memphis Grizzlies Franchise rankings: (total ranking - #5)
  • Bang for Buck - 1
  • Fan Relations - 34
  • Ownership - 55
  • Affordability - 6
  • Stadium Experience - 20
  • Players - 36
  • Coaching - 40
  • Title Track - 85
2013 Memphis Grizzlies Franchise rankings: (total ranking - #1)
  • Bang for Buck - 2 (down 1)
  • Fan Relations - 8 (up 24)
  • Ownership - 30 (up 25)
  • Affordability - 2 (up 4)
  • Stadium Experience - 7 (up 13)
  • Players - 2 (up 34)
  • Coaching - 14 (up 26)
  • Title Track - 54 (up 31)

With significant improvements in most of the categories, I can take a few things away from this information. The new ownership's proactive stance and likability is a stark contrast to the way Michael Heisley operated, and it's obvious to everyone else.

That new ownership could have directly improved the product that are providing Memphians and Griz fans in general. They came in, brought in fresh faces and while improving the experience at the stadium they managed to make it even more affordable for fans to attend the games.

I'm not sure how much of the coaching is attributed to Lionel Hollins and how much is weighted on Dave Joerger's hiring, but it's a trend I would like to see continue.

Rudy Gay must be one of the least likable players to ever suit up in a Grizzlies' uniform. The "players" category included the Grizzlies largest improvement in the rankings this year. With the Rudy trade alone I imagine that the Grizzlies instantly rose 25 slots in the rankings. Take into account good folk like Jerryd Bayless and Jon Leuer, and there you have the rest of the slots. (Not to mention how naturally likable players like Conley and Gasol were more featured.)