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Memphis Grizzlies Player Ratings: Go Home 2K, You're Drunk

They should hire me to do the ratings next year.


This biggest indicator that the NBA season is right around the corner besides the endless rankings and the amount of non-stories that become a thing is the release of 2K Sports basketball franchise.

2K Sports will be releasing NBA 2K14 this week and the player ratings have snuck into the wild. The only reasonable explanation for how bad they've pegged the Memphis Grizzlies is that they're drunk. Here my #hotsportstake on the player ratings:

Zach Randolph - 83 (Off - 85 , Def - 68)

The rating is okay, but Z-Bo isn't the best player on this team anymore. He should be an 82

Mike Conley - 83 (Off - 84, Def - 79)

Overall rating is fine, but he's better than Randolph. He's also one of the three best defensive point guards in the league. That 79 defense does him no justice.

Marc Gasol - 81 (Off - 86, Def - 82)

In what world is Marc Gasol the third best player on the Grizzlies? Also, shouldn't the reigning Defensive Player of the Year defensive rating be a bit higher. 86 would be a proper rating.

Tony Allen - 75 (Off - 63, Def - 90)

Higher defense.

Tayshaun Prince - 74 (Off - 73, Def - 72)

This is a perfect rating of Prince. Not great at anything, but good at it all.

Ed Davis - 73 (Off - 64, Def - 73)

I'm more worried about what his potential rating is moreso than his actual rating. Defense could be a tad bit higher though.

Jerryd Bayless - 71 (Off - 77, Def - 70)


Mike Miller - 70 (Off - 74, Def - 54)

If you ask me he's 30 points too low. Defense is too low also.

Kosta Koufos - 67 (Off - 64, Def - 70)

Was a quality starter in this league last year. Should be at least a 70.

Jamaal Franklin - 65 (Off - 66, Def - 62)

This is fine. We don't know how good he'll be yet.

Josh Akognon - 64 (Off - 67, Def - 65)

Same goes with Akognon. Not enough info on the guard.

Jon Leuer - 63 (Off - 65, Def - 57)

They obviously haven't seen the "Jon Leuer Game".

Quincy Pondexter - 60 (Off - 67, Def - 55)

I.. I don't even know what to say here, but if a player that averaged 15 points on 53 percent shooting in the Western Conference Finals is the worst player on the Grizz then (throws hands up).

That's it. You probably noticed the team left out Nick Calathes and Willie Reed, but it's probably because they were under the influence when doing the rosters. If you're a Memphis Grizzlies fan and is an avid fan of 2K Sports like myself you can't be happy with these ratings.

But hey, that won't stop us from being great right? So go home 2K. You're drunk.